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About Brian Church

Brian is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a Consulting Firm called Ambassadors International. The company specializes in working with Corporations, Advisors, Entrepreneurs and Intellectual Property Holders to create what Brian calls “Relationship Momentum™”.


The Business Ambassador firm has a client list that ranges from companies specializing in Renewable Energy and Retail to Investment Management and Financial Advisory. Brian has consulted for Fortune 100 Companies, Global Non Profits and is currently working with some of the fastest growing companies in the US. Brian is a published author and accomplished speaker who is dedicated to training people in the US and abroad in the art and science of creating Relationship Momentum™.


Brian is also the Co-Founder of Ideashares, a virtual idea incubator, that helps entrepreneurs, inventors and ideators take their ideas from "paper napkin to profit."


Brian is also Chairman of Experience International. He serves as the Chief Executive in charge of Vision, Strategy and Relationship Management. He co-authored the book "The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence".



The Brian T. Church Companies

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