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Coaching & Private Client Group

If relationships are the pivot point for creating or sustaining momentum, there are times when a third party Ambassador is needed for breakthrough.

CEO Ambassador
Business Development
Buy or Sell Facilitation

Mergers and Acquisitions


Ambassadors International is an Executive Level Consulting Firm that was created after witnessing, first hand, the inefficiencies of the relationship management, deal facilitation and business development models. We at AI have created a business model that will provide an Ambassador for your company's decision maker that will help you grow and sustain what we call "relationship momentum."

Consider the Pareto Principle- 80% of a Relationship Manager and Business Development Specialist's success usually comes from 20% of their abilities and time. I am suggesting that you pay us like 20% and get an added layer of confidentiality and higher level of effectiveness across multiple relationship based facets of your business.

Take away the added costs of benefits, retirement plans, training, office space, marketing budgets and travel expense. Then add our personal network and business development skills and we can create an embassy of opportunity that will create measurable results.



We engage our clients in four ways:

Project Fee
Success Fee

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