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Relationship Momentum - The Book  |  By Brian Church

This book was written for everyone who has ever had an idea or an agenda. A paper napkin sketch, a product, project or purpose that they wanted to share with the world. This book will introduce you to a selection of new concepts while providing a formula that can become the catalyst and the answer for helping your ideas and initiatives move.

Discover the Secret to Making your Ideas

and Initiatives Move!​


This book will…

  • Help you determine the necessity for Relationships and Momentum in your endeavors

  • Help you discover why some ideas succeed and far too many fail

  • Provide you with a formula and a blue print for a successful outcome with your initiatives

  • Help you acquire the “Three Equities” that provide weight to your ideas and career

  • Help you determine the need for strategy and the steps for execution

  • Challenge you to escape the realm of mediocrity and realize your dreams

This book holds the findings of my quest for the transferable ability to identify, acquire and sustain the art and science of the key element for growth……Relationship Momentum.

If you are interested in advancing a Product, Project or Purpose, the eventual success or failure of your initiative will hinge upon your level of or the ability to maximize Relationship Momentum.

My desire for the reader is to help them develop the realization that attaining this key element is not based on a gift or a talent but rather leveraging a piece of every human’s DNA and developing the art and transferring the science to achieve your goals and dreams.

We will identify why relationships are a key element for advancing a Product, Project or Purpose. We will explore a formula for identifying, creating, and sustaining this new concept. By the time you reach the end of this collection of momentum proverbs you will uncover the truth that all businesses, teams, non profits and individuals have the components for Relationship Momentum but usually lack the science of how and the art of why.

We are in search for Relationship Momentum in its purest form. We will examine specific examples where my formula and elements will be tested and proven. In all cases, my team has discovered that this concept has nothing to do with natural ability but a few key components executed with diligence and a measure of urgency.

The concepts presented in these pages may, at first, appear to be a bit robust for a “Relationship” or “Sales” book. I assure you this is not the case and you will see a clear progression for implementing the concepts introduced.

I want to invite you to journey with me through what I strongly believe will be an epiphany as you embark on a voyage to achieve growth, advance your agenda and acquire the key component that will change your Product, Project or Purpose forever.

Relationship Momentum Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

The Experience -  By Brian Church & Bruce Loeffler

The 5 Principles of Disney Service

and Relationship Excellence





Inside, you’ll find:


  • The I. C.A.R.E Principles and the “Disney-inspired” Non-Negotiables for each principle that every excellent brand must deliver

  • Access to the interactive Experience Quotient tool to identify your 12 greatest opportunities for improvement

  • Quotient Questions that promote in-depth reflection on each of the Non-Negotiables

  • Actionables providing “try this” tips for ascending to the next level on the experience hierarchy

  • Step-by-step instructions for completing the One Level challenge to quickly develop a better customer experience


When your customers walk through your doors or access your service-oriented products, they should leave the outside world and become immersed in the world of your brand. Few businesses have reached this Disney-like level of success, but now, with The Experience, anyone with the right level of commitment can achieve excellence. 





The Walt Disney Company is known the world over for its quality of service. No other company is able to consistently create the magic, joy, and excitement that are characteristic of the Disney brand—though many have tried. What’s Disney’s secret? Drawing on years of experience training Disney employees and overseeing service excellence for other renouned organizations, the authors of The Experience reveal the five-part model that has kept Disney at the top for over 60 years. This model is applicable to all organizations involved in providing service or service-oriented products. The authors show readers how to transcend basic service and create experiences that customers will remember.


The foundation of The Experience is the I.C.A.R.E Customer Experience model. Authors Bruce Loeffler and Brian T. Church explain why Impres- sions, Connections, Attitudes, Responses, and Exceptionals are the non-negotiable principles of service excellence and business success. Unlike many framework-oriented books, The Experience

remains eminently practical with Actionables at the end of each chapter. Readers can follow these concrete steps to ascend through the levels of the Experience Hierarchy.


Based on their survey of over 500 businesses, the authors of The Experience found that 60% of companies are average at best, and many of those are actually delivering a “toxic experience.” Only 3% have achieved exceptional experiences - and this same 3% are likely to thrive into the future. In today’s hyperconnected marketplace, these negative customer experiences are sure to be shared, and they can be disastrous for a business’s reputation. On the other hand, only outstandingly positive experiences make it onto the social radar. That’s why it’s important now more than ever for organizations to know how their customer and employee experiences rank. 


Readers of The Experience receive access to the unique, interactive Experience Quotient tool, which assesses the five I.C.A.R.E. principles and provides next steps toward creating devoted cus- tomers and brand ambassadors. In-text Quotient Questions also help in the process of reflecting on existing experience strengths and discovering places where there is room for improvement. With The Experience any service-oriented company can achieve Disney-like levels of brand loyalty by executing experience on an exceptional level.


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