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Daymond John (Founder of FUBU, and star of ABC's Shark Tank)

“Brian's ideas and principles about building your brand and moving your ideas forward are important

for any successful entrepreneur.”​



​​Joe Scarlett (Retired Chairman & CEO, Tractor Supply Company)

“The Experience book accurately depicts the ingredients needed to create an exceptional customer experience.

I found the road map in the book to be clear, insightful and relevant to the retail world as well as any organization that desires to create a strong relationship with clients and consumers.”

Don Connelly (Nationally Renowned Speaker, Motivator and Educator)

“If you’re finally ready to do it, if you’re finally ready to launch your idea, read and reread The Art & Science of Relationship Momentum. Count me in as a Bria
n Church Ambassador.”


Pat Mcrae (Former US Diplomat)

“Brian Church offers any motivated business person an insightful new paradigm for assessing and energizing the progress of almost any entity or relationship.”

Ming Wang (Harvard, MIT (MD), PHD Laser Physics, CEO of Wang Institute)

“In my opinion, Brian Church’s Relationship Momentum is a powerful addition to human knowledge in the study of the keys that make an idea successful. It will motivate and give us the tools to embark on our lives’ journeys, with a singular and new focus.”

George Shinn (Horatio Alger Award Winner and Founder of the Charlotte Hornets)

“Relationship Momentum will absolutely get you focused on the highly efficient and highly effective pathway to greater success in your endeavors. I wish I had read this book thirty years ago."


Brian Moran (President, Strategic Breakthroughs and Author of the 12 Week Year)

"I would recommend this book to anyone looking to create movement for their ideas or their endeavors."

Dave Dalton Founder, President and Founder of Ebars

"Brian Church is onto something big. Brian has taken on a subject, (Relationship Momentum) that is rife with complexity and nuance and made it easy to digest. Prepare yourself for a feast!"

Product, Project and Purpose Driven Growth!

Additional Praise

Dr. Ming Wang (Harvard, MIT (MD), PHD Laser Physics, CEO of Wang Institute)

"Mr. Church asks an important question: What makes certain business successful and others fail? While it appears on the surface that there is no easy answer based on conventional wisdom, Brian shares with us the valuable insights he has gained through his many dynamic business ventures, and points out that the key to a business’s success is in fact having the ability to discern the intangible. Discern the environment that surrounds us, the relationships, the momentum and energy of interaction with others that we can harness and amplify. To help the reader understand the concept and components within Relationship Momentum and be able to actually apply it to one’s own business, Mr. Church breaks down the elements into discrete--and most importantly, modifiable--factors in a mathematical formula, which appeals to me greatly as an ophthalmic researcher and cataract and LASIK surgeon who is committed to precision, accuracy, principles and their application. Relationship Momentum is a must read for all who want to find the key to unlock the door for the ultimate business success and satisfaction of human endeavors."

Don Connelly (Nationally Renowned Speaker, Motivator and Educator)

"Hard skills, what we know, account for only a small portion of success in business or life.  Soft skills are far more important.  And there is no soft skill more important than getting along with other people.  As long as you can create and maintain long-term relationships, you will never be out of business. Knowing your product or knowing your idea will only get you started toward your goal.  Relating to others, being adept at creating relationships will keep you moving.  It will separate you from the pack.

Nobody knows that better than Brian Church.

The racks are full of books telling us to form meaningful relationships.  The Art & Science of Relationship Momentum is one of the few books, if not the only book, telling us how to do it."

His Royal Majesty, King Emmanuel Adebayo,
the Ellemure of Emure Kingdom, Africa

"I strongly recommend this book for human studies beyond ordinary reading for pleasure and as a way of helping our world and individuals to successful living. I believe the best contribution anyone can make to improve our world is to pass unto others whatever knowledge that has been revealed to help others succeed. This is what Brian Church has done and I am not surprised at that because of my personal relationship with him and others in Adassa-Adumori Foundation who have helped to build Emure Kingdom of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Enjoy reading this wonderful exposition to knowledge on the pathway to a successful life."

Roe Frazer
CEO, cicayda, llc

“Brian will get you in the Success Red Zone with his powerful new book, Relationship Momentum. I understand the challenges from start-up to stardom. With Relationship Momentum, the distance between dream and reality will be a lot shorter. Thanks Brian for showing us the path.”

Dave Dalton
President and Founder of Ebars

"I first met Brian in 2006 at a fund raising event for under privileged children. I remember my

first impression of Brian.
I thought to myself, "this guy is going somewhere". And, as the years have evidenced, he has.
Brian is good at his craft, very good. He is assisting me and my upstart company, Ebars, in Relationship Momentum. I know it's a major key to our future success I'm confident in the wisdom found in this book. Brian’s work of Art and Science will open your eyes as it has mine on one of the best kept and most mysterious

secrets to success."

Pat McRae
Former US Diplomat

"As a classic Liberal Arts (Relationship-Driven) business person, I feared my eyes would glaze over with the introduction of physics properties in the text.  I quickly realized though, that the physical principles were simply a new way of presenting the fundamental properties of mutually beneficial relationships.
I’m not sure if Bran Church’s work is a very sophisticated thesis boiled down into a very simple and effective message; or if it is a very simple and effective message presented in such a way as to appeal to, and motivate, a highly sophisticated audience.  Either way, this is solid, thought provoking reading!
This book provides a focused lens through which I can better assess my approach to international projects and the key relationships on which they depend; and the dynamics for progress – or lack thereof."

Howard Ragsdale
President and CEO, Arbor Healthcare

“Brian Church has given us a gift in his new book “Relationship Momentum.” By taking a revolutionary approach by combining science, math, art and relationships, Brian has created a new lens for seeing, understanding and realizing the potential of our ideas. After reading this book, you will never view Relationships in the

same way again.”

Brian Miller
BS Physics-MIT, PhD Physics-Duke, Business Consultant

"As one who has earned his PhD in physics, I have always been a bit leery of business professionals who argue for parallels between physics principles and their industries. Often their lack of understanding results in their attempted use of physics concepts to range from the clumsy to the misleading. However, Brian Church’s book is a notable exception. Not only does he relate physics concepts reliably, but his parallels are extremely insightful. I have consulted in various industries over the past few decades, and his insights on organizational dynamics are some of the freshest and most applicable I have encountered."

Nick Pagano
Author of Abnormal Journey

“A must read! Brian answers the how and why of maximizing your biggest asset- your relationships."


Charles Bone
Chairman, Founder of Bone McAllester Norton

“Brian presents the unique and fascinating connection between the laws of motion and physics with the art and science of business relationships, an Entrepreneur’s exploration of the convergence of science and success!"

Joe Brannon
Co Founder of textLIVING

"The correlation of Relationships and Momentum is hard to describe because it is hard to quantify. Brian has done an amazing job taking the principles he’s learned and turning them into a blue print. If it wasn’t for Brian and his formula, I would not be doing what I am doing today."

Pat Baldridge
President, Charlotte Christian Chamber of Commerce
“Brian Church has managed to transform an ancient scientific principal into a fresh concept for today’s business professional. I predict his readers will be moved, like I was, from building relationships instinctively to intentionally. “

Rob Harvey
Social Entrepreneur and Chairman of Good Neighbor Foundation

"Brian is a thoughtful leader who continually challenged me to take personal responsibility, confront reality and produce experiences that organizations and people care deeply about. The truth is our success cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Relationships are an essential part of the equation. In Relationship Momentum, Brian unpacks immutable laws for making ideas happen in and through others."


Gary Benz
CEO, US Imprints

"What a great Book . As a CEO of a growing company Relationship Momentum continues to encourage me to know that through all the hard stuff, its still worth it all."

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